Why Choose Organic Skincare?

Many harmful and even toxic chemicals have made their way into our lives through our food and skin care products causing numerous problems with our health which can include: skin dryness and sensitivities; breakouts and acne; allergies, rashes, headaches, fatigue and even cancer. So, why choose organic skincare?

The skin is your body’s largest organ, being involved with elimination, protection and absorption, by absorbing substances into the body. Your skin will absorb Vitamin D from the sun and it will also absorb chemicals from your skin care products and the environment. Everything that you put on your skin will be absorbed and end up in your blood stream on it’s way around your body.

Cleansers, toners, moisturisers, hair dyes and styling products, make-up, toothpaste, body lotion, nail polish, deodorants, shampoo and conditioner etc etc etc. It’s hard to even imagine how many things you’re using on a daily basis, thinking you’re doing something good for yourself, that are actually toxic! Oh, and perfume for example, can contain up to 1,000 chemicals!

It’s mind boggling, I know, but taking just small steps at a time, such as knowing what ingredients are being used in your products and avoiding the worst, such as talc, powdered titanium dioxide, sunscreens and certain dark hair dyes, can have huge benefits to your health and future. What goes onto your skin is as important as what you eat.

The list of toxic ingredients is endless, however, if you can, read labels and avoid the following chemicals:-

Parabens, such as benzyl, butyl, ethyl, isobutyl, methyl, propyl

Artificial fragrances – fragrance

Artificial colours such as coal tar, FD, FDC or DF&C

PEG/PPG – polyethylene glycol/propylene glycol

SLS/SLES – sodium lauryl or sodium laureth sulfate

ALS – ammonium lauryl or ammonium laureth sulfate

Petrochemicals – TEA or triethanolamine; DEA or diethanolamine

Mineral oils – liquid paraffinum; paraffin oil; paraffin wax; petrolatum



Fortunately, safe alternatives are becoming more and more widely available and I’m sure you’ll agree, it makes sense to use high quality, genuine, natural products, that have been made with only certified organic ingredients and without the use of harmful chemicals and additives.

Do yourself a favour and choose organic skincare!